What We Are About

Work For Warriors Hawaii serves Hawaii National Guard, Reservists, Veterans, and their families with career opportunities by preparing and connecting with employment services, business partner connections, and career opportunities in a range of backgrounds and experiences. WFWHI increases Servicemember readiness by preparing clients to research, obtain, and retain civilian employment through education and job search skills training, ultimately connecting the trained Servicemember with valuable employment opportunities.

This specialized education and training equip Servicemembers to best use all the available job search services and resources necessary for them to gain and maintain living-wage civilian employment within the State of Hawaii.

WFWHI is a key component of recruiting and retention activities within the HING, making it the service of choice throughout the State for HING members. WFWHI prepares Servicemembers for and connects them to new and existing HING, State and Federal employment programs and resources, and employer partners.



Assisting local service and family members and veterans through all phases of the employment process, with the goal of securing meaningful employment


Building the stepping stones for a brighter path ahead