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Assisting Hawaii National Guard Personnel,

their Family Members and Veterans.

Our Employment Coordinators provide the following career services, individualized and targeted to each person's needs:

  • Career Counseling

  • Building and Tailoring Federal and Civilian Resumes

  • Strengthening Job Search Strategies

  • Translating Military Skillsets into Civilian Language

  • Introductions to Partner Employers

Your resume is a first impression of you. It doesn't guarantee you'll get the job... but an out-dated resume could keep you from getting the job.

Register below!

Registration eligibility:

You must be a:

  • Hawaii National Guard Member

  • Hawaii National Guard Family Member

  • Veteran

  • Use a personal email address. If you are using an email address associated with hotmail, aol, or yahoo to apply, please consider switching to a gmail account. The previously mentioned accounts are sometimes associated with spam. Avoid using an .edu or .mil email address.


Veteran Career Services

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