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Work for Warriors Hawaii is here to assist all of Hawaii's warriors and their families. Our Employment Coordinators provide the following career services, individualized and targeted to each person's needs:

  • Career Counseling

  • Building and Tailoring Federal and Civilian Resumes

  • Strengthening Job Search Strategies

  • Translating Military Skillsets into Civilian Language

  • Warm Introductions to Partner Employers

Your resume is usually an employer/hiring manager's first impression of you. It doesn't guarantee you'll get the job... but an old school, out-dated resume could keep you from getting the job you want. We can help!

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A few things we hope you'll consider:

Use a personal, civilian email address.

  • If you are using an email address associated with hotmail, aol, or yahoo to apply, please consider switching to a gmail account. The previously mentioned accounts are sometimes associated with spam. 

  • Avoid using an .edu email address.

Dedicate an email address specific to the application process.

  • If you are actively job searching (especially if you are applying for a federal job, it's helpful to have a separate, dedicated email address for your applications. This can help decrease the likelihood of missing their communication.


Veteran Career Services

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