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Work For Warriors Hawaii serves Hawaii National Guard, Reservists, Veterans, and their families with career opportunities by preparing and connecting with employment services, business partner connections,

and career opportunities in a range of backgrounds and experience. 

 WFWHI increases Servicemember readiness by preparing clients to research, obtain, and retain civilian

employment through education and job search skills training, ultimately connecting the trained

Servicemember with valuable employment opportunities. This specialized education and training equips Servicemembers to best use all the available job search services and resources necessary for them to gain and maintain living-wage civilian employment within the State of Hawaii.

WFWHI is a key component of recruiting and retention activities within the HING, making it the service of choice throughout the State for HING members. WFWHI prepares Servicemembers for and connects them to new and existing HING, State and Federal employment programs and resources, and employer partners. The primary collaboration vehicles for this program are: job expositions, job fairs, seminars, employment workshops,

webinars, and web links to employers who seek trained workforce candidates.

WFWHI prepares clients to effectively apply and interview for employment opportunities and connects them

with careers and employers according to their individual talents and skills-representing an exceptional

value for employers. 





  • Career Counseling

  • Identification of skill sets (through  military and civilian employment)

  • Individualized assistance with resumes  (civilian and federal) 

  • Employment search skills

  • Job search assistance and follow up

  • Professional relationships with employers

  • Seminars focused on career advancement,  resume writing, interviewing, and targeted  request

  • Identification & assistance with certificate, educational, and training programs.


  • Relationships with businesses & organizations throughout the state

  • Employer job postings and announcements

  • Referrals to matching the best candidates for jobs and organizations

  • Providing awareness & support through the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserves (ESGR)

  • Employer career fairs 


Be sure to set your job search location to "Hawaii" in Job Board



Following our Kosovo Forces Rotation-25 (KFOR25) mobilization, we scheduled a job search briefing and a resume writing workshop with Deb Nakashima at Work For Warriors on an IDT weekend (on 05OCT19). The purpose of the briefing was to assist our Soldiers who were unemployed upon returning home from deployment, along with including our newly acquired skills from KFOR25 on our civilian resumes. Her efforts at the time have directly aided in two of our (35 series) Soldiers to secure immediate employment with well-established careers. Her brief was exceptionally informative. We have nothing but great things to say about her program sir as she has aided our Soldiers tremendously in the past.

SSG Segawa, John

Co D (MI) 227 BEB (HIARNG)
Training NCO

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